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Building Muscle 101

Ready to kickstart your journey towards a stronger, more jacked you? This week, we're focusing on one thing and one thing only: muscle building.

Top Tip: Progressive Overload is Your Best Friend

Building muscle isn't just about lifting weights, it's about strategic growth. It's about nudging your body to adapt, to evolve. So, we're not just adding more weight or reps haphazardly, we're doing it systematically.

Think of it as a game plan.

Week 1, you pick a rep scheme, say 8-12 for all movements, leaving a couple of reps in the tank. Week 2, it's time to level up - add a rep or slightly increase the load (1-2.5 kg should do it). It's like telling your body, Example, you did 10 reps on bench press at 50kg. This week, hit either 11 Reps at 50kg or 10 reps at 52kg.

Come Week 3, rinse and repeat, all the way to the promised land of gains. But remember, every champion needs rest. If you're hitting a plateau (not able to get the reps or the weight increasing) or feeling the burnout, it's time for a deload week. Turn down the intensity, let your body recover, and then gear up to smash those weights again! You'll need a delaod every 4-6 ish weeks.

Mini Workout Routine: The Fundamental Trio

Most of you have probably heard of this approach. It's simple and effective. If you are trying to run a program by yourself and you don't want to spend ages figuring out what's best, then keep it simple and get the most out of it.

1. Push: Chest, Front Delts and Triceps

2. Pull: Back, Biceps and Rear Delts

3. Legs: Lower body

If you workout 3x a week then you hit all the major muscle groups and plenty of recovery time between sets. If you can train more then add in the sessions that you want to improve more of. Aka if you want to grow your legs more than as painful as it may be emotionally you need to add another one in! If that was the case, just re-order it so you can get recovered between sessions. In this case you would do Legs, then Push, Then Pull then legs again. (treat yo self!) If you have 6 sessions available then just stretch it out to 2 Sessions on each! Simples.

Start with weights that are challenging but manageable and aim to increase the weight or reps each week as described above.

Success Spotlight: Introducing Nick!

Before Nick crossed paths with us, he was already on a mission to bulk up. He had some wins, no doubt, but his journey took a massive turn when he teamed up with us. We didn't just hand him a workout plan; we crafted a progressive blueprint, tailor-made to sync with his weekly schedule and optimized for maximum effectiveness.

Fast forward 9 months and boom - Nick is 10kg heavier in pure muscle! Now, I know what you're thinking - 9 months? In a world where 6-week transformations are all the rage, this might seem like an eternity. But let me tell you something: fat loss can happen in weeks, building muscle is a marathon, not a sprint.

So, forget the quick fixes and trust the process. When you're standing tall a year from now, brimming with confidence, muscles popping, strength skyrocketing just like Nick - you'll know it was all worth it. Trust me on this one!


As we wrap up, remember this: Building muscle isn't just about looking good. It's about getting stronger, feeling more confident, and improving your overall health in the process. So, keep pushing, stay consistent, keep striving, and let's get those gains!

Stay tuned for next week's tips, and if you're ready to take your fitness journey to the next level, we're here at The Strength Room to guide you every step of the way.



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