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Most Recent FAQ

Hey team!

To try and keep you as informed as possible here are the 5 biggest & most common questions we are getting right now!

If we don't answer yours then reach out and will get it answered for you!

#1: How are you different from a normal gym?

We've been in the gym business for a while now and while there are plenty of great things, we think plenty more can be done better. The biggest issue we've found with it is that it's hard to get 3 of the pillar elements in one go to make dedicated progress for your goals.

To make progress you need access to a gym/ decent equipment. You need a program that is tailored to your goals that gradually takes you from A to B. Lastly you need accountability and coaching to ensure you are moving properly and staying the course to get that goal you are working hard for!

However, being able to get all three in one seems to be a bit of a unicorn sighting. Plenty of the ''Bigger'' gyms do have programs but it's up to you to figure out how to implement them, there's no check-in with you to make sure you are making progress and even though they may have done a decent enough job with the demo videos, let's be real. It's not enough. None of us ever have just watched a video and known exactly how something should look and feel in anything let alone moving our bodies.

In other cases, you may be able to find great coaches, but they may just solely be online which again doesn't help those of us who need some more personal accountability and or adjustments in movements, etc. None of the above are ''Bad'' however like we said we believe that if we have all three elements, we can better serve you as our members and ultimately you are going to achieve that goal that you've been working on for a while now...

With us, you are paying for a result. Not a gym membership. We tailor the program to meet your needs, wants, and time frames. And with that, you get access to our gym, and we help keep you focused with each session with our Coached floor sessions and check-in processes to keep you moving towards that goal we set together at the beginning.

Let us do the worrying about the ''what and how''. You just need to do.

#2: How much?!

Currently, we are £225, however, we are trying to help as many of you as possible before Xmas kicks off, so we have a deal for the first 100 people that sign up. £180 for the first two payments. Which being real... is biscuits for what we are offering. That's £45 a week. A one-hour PT rate in London is around £80...

#3: Why can't I work on Strength & Build Muscle at the same time?

You absolutely can. We do have programs that will for sure get you results if you want to work on both. Just understand that you will make steady progress in both. If you have one that's a bigger priority than the other, then focus on that. If you are short on training time or an advanced athlete, then we'd recommend focusing on one or the other. Then after a set amount of time switch up the goals. Done right, you won't lose much strength if any when building muscle and vice versa.

#4: How many sessions do I get?

As many as you need to get your result. You are paying for a result, not for a number of sessions. If you can train 3x a week then your program will include 3 sessions. If after a couple of weeks you need to change that to more or less then the program will be adjusted for you!

#5: Do I need prior experience to join the gym?

Most definitely not! In fact, if you are newer in all honestly we will be happier! It will be super quick great results for you and us :P Plus we can help you set an amazing foundation for your fitness journey no matter the end goal.

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